It is alleged that Lady Raynham is the ghost photographed on a staircase. “The Pretender” .... Pawn Shop Lady (1 episode, 2000) - Corn Man (2000) TV episode .... Pawn Shop Lady 11. By the time they returned their focus to the kitchen, the chair was pushed back away from the table and back into the middle of the room. “The Scariest Places on Earth” .... Narrator (15 episodes, 2000-2006) - All New Scariest Places on Earth (2006) TV episode .... Narrator - Legendary Haunts (2006) TV episode .... Narrator - Urban Legends (2005) TV episode .... Narrator - The Hayden Bridge Exorcism (2001) TV episode .... Narrator - Haunted Voodoo Plantation (2001) TV episode .... Narrator (10 more) 2. The easiest way to quickly and accurately locate information in this index is to use the Find/Search function supported by your browser to help guide your search. And, in turn, if we subscribe to the psychic internet theory, then manifested the poltergeist activity? Lover's Knot (1996) .... Woman in Clinic 23. Mother Clodah 21. By the time Colledge and Crawford returned, the bed had returned to the floor and all appeared calm. Daily thousands of new images Completely Free to Use High-quality videos and images from Pexels She would claim to have come from the Pages’ apartment. On the afternoon of 11th February, though, before Crawford could carry out his daily visit with the Page family, the police would receive another call from them. It was at that point when Crawford went to find Colledge. She suddenly jumps in front of cars but when drivers stop and get out there is no one to be seen. I was in my office aka man cave. Her husband allegedly imprisoned her in the hall for a large portion of her adult life. Poltergeist III (1988) .... Tangina Barrons ... aka Poltergeist III: The Final Chapter (Australia) 35. The person at the center of the bizarre activity remains anonymous still to this day. By publishing these accounts, UFO Insight does not take responsibility for the integrity of them. This was summer of 2012. Here's the link to the IMDB pages for her., 1. The author does not own the rights to this content. “The Tortellis” (1 episode, 1987) - The Ad Game (1987) TV episode 39. “Martin” .... Nurse Froyd (1 episode, 1997) - One Flew over the Hoochie’s Nest (1997) TV episode .... Nurse Froyd 18. The Flintstones: On the Rocks (2001) (TV) (voice) (as Zelda Rubenstein) .... Psychiatrist 10. “ABC Weekend Specials” .... Ralph's Mother (1 episode, 1986) - The Mouse and the Motorcycle (1986) TV episode (voice) .... Ralph's Mother 40. Known only as “Peter”, he was an 11-year-old boy at the time of the incidents, and his whereabouts like that of his family is unknown. Upon arriving, he would witness the bed floating in the air just as the woman had said. We know, for example, that the Moon does have the potential to bring out strange reactions in some people. Under a large headline that read Ghostly Presence In An Apartment On Church Street, the article went into details of the bizarre happenings. Peter! Tangina is a positive entity in the Freeling home, but her voice, abnormally small stature, and uncanny medium abilities makes her a creepy presence nonetheless. It duly did a short time later when a picture that was solidly on the wall suddenly crashed to the ground. For example, when Peter was sat on a large wooden chair one afternoon, he was suddenly tipped out of it and sent crashing to the floor. A vocabulary list featuring 25 Ways of Walking. Mental Patient 48. Poltergeist (1982) .... Tangina 49. The entire scene was one of confusion and mind-blowing events. Opinions posted on Free Republic are those of the individual Coming from the Upper Malone road we reach Lady Dixon Park, a well-known area for walkers and families. is powered by software copyright 2000-2008 John Robinson. According to the lady, objects in their apartment – and even furniture – were moving of their own accord. According to the story, the ghost was exorcised when Catholic priests performed a Mass at the house, and the grateful homeowner deeded about 35 acres of his land to the Catholic Church. Location: Bournemouth - Millhams Lane, and surrounding Longham area Type: Haunting Manifestation Date / Time: February (reoccurring); last confirmed in 1970s, but legends say she continues Further Comments: The area around the A348 bridge is reportedly haunted by a ghostly white (or grey) woman, who was killed when hit by a horse and trap along the road. low section of nuns standing on street - nun stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. The incidents that would take place, as one of the witnesses would say years later, were like something “right out of The Exorcist!” And we should perhaps note, the events took place several years before The Exorcist had been unleashed in movie theatres. Angustia (1987) .... Alice Pressman, the Mother (old movie) ... aka Angoixa (Spain: Catalan title) ... aka Anguish (USA) 38. Apparitions, strange sounds and unexplained music are amongst… Some say she and her baby were ran over by a carriage, but many attribute her to the legend o… This list of different types of walking was created by using the dictionary's advanced search, by searching for "typeof:walk." As they were talking of the incidents in the kitchen, Crawford would recommend they reconvene in the living and take a moment to calm down. Subscribe to our free weekly newsletter to receive the latest articles directly in your inbox. The incident we are about to examine first came to light on 6th February 1970 when police officer, Bob Crawford was leaving an apartment at 237 Church Street. Within days, paranormal investigators, reporters, and those merely with a sense of curiosity would descend on the apartment complex. A TV reproduction of the young boy being raised into the air in a chair. Location: Bushey - Horse and Chains public house Type: Poltergeist Date / Time: Early to mid 1990s (polt), 1970s (former landlord) Further Comments: Over a period of a couple of years, one witness thrice observed a glass fly off a shelf and smash on the till, about 150 centimetres away.
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