The Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance is putting its plan into action to recruit the Whitebeard Pirates and liberate the country of Wano from the control of Kaido and his shogun. [OP QUIZ] Do you know everything about Skypiea Arc? The fight between the loyal retainers of Kozuki Oden versus the elite ninja team of Kurozumi Orochi seems like a very feisty matchup. [OP QUIZ] Combine Devil Fruits with their respective Users, [OP QUIZ] Test Your Knowledge On Devil Fruits. As we know the Mink-Samurai-Ninja-Pirate alliance is planning to take down the yonko Kaido and his crew, who reigns over Onigashima. It won’t be an easy fight for Sanji by any means as Queen is nothing like his previous opponents but this will surely happen in the One Piece Wano arc ending. The manga can currently be broken down into 9 parts, following the feats of the Straw Hat Pirates: the East Blue Saga, the Alabasta Saga, the Sky Island Saga, the Water 7 Saga, the Thriller Bark Saga, the Summit War Saga, the Fish-Man Island Saga, the Dressrosa Saga, and the Yonko Saga. Wano Arc Ending has huge ties into the Final Arc of One Piece! Kid was imprisoned in Udon and now , Kid holds a grudge against Kaido. And this is how One Piece Wano arc ending will be. jika info yg kami berikan di situs As well as share my opinion on some of the other theories going around. On Friday, September 25th, 2020 By admin. Oda offered them autographed art among other things, but the most interesting aspect to the visit was the interview conducted during that time. This will play a major role for One Piece Wano arc ending. Luffy and Law formed an alliance at Punk Hazard to take down Kaido. One Piece Theory, Thor: Love and Thunder| Release date| Trailer| Poster| Plot. Eiichiro Oda had been teasing the story for a couple of years, but even that didn't prepare the fans for some of the art, fights, and big reveals that were coming. Founder at, Business Development Manager at Decoracion Digital Marketing Services Pvt Ltd (DDMS), Content Writer, Seo Expert, Web Developer, Amazon Influencer and a Budding Anime Influencer. Budidaya, Ternak Ayam Pelung adalah ayam lokal yang berubah di Kabupaten Cianjur serta Sukabumi (Jawa Barat). toki’s prophecy is one of my favorite motifs in this whole arc. ONE PIECE Editor Naito talked about Wano arc and Stampede 4 days ago. So , the Minks’ army is ready and all of them may go sulong. Kid also wants Kaido’s head and he wants to defeat Kaido. Someone may heal Luffy (I think Marco will heal Luffy) and I think he will get huge power up like Gear 5 or devil fruit awakening. Save I wanted to put everything we know so far from Wano and it’s people in one blog. This is just a prediction of One Piece Wano arc ending. Oda mentioned that there were many characters in the Wano Country Arc he wanted to draw and he wasn’t kidding! Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. With One Piece Chapter 1000 in the books, now is as good of a time as ever to reflect on the epic history of the Wano Country Arc. This is just a theory for One piece Wano arc ending. Everyone is thinking about how One Piece Wano arc ending will take place. The Heroes. That chapter, Law made the timeless quote: “I’ve destroyed the gears … and no one can turn them back!” So their part is left out of this theory. DURING AND AFTER WANO | The GREATEST ARC and PARALLELS | One Piece MEGA Theory One piece chapter 926 is out!! It would be very satisfying when the Nine Scabbards would beat Orochi’s ninja squad. Before starting I’d like to tell you that if you’re new to Akkikun follow Akkikun on social media handles for updates as well more related content. This makes it really obvious that the battle will take place at Onigashima but how will they fight is still a question. [OP QUIZ] Can you name the Pirate Crew by their Jolly Roger? This is just my speculation of how post One Piece Wano arc ending scenes could be. Blackbeard has his agents in Wano , so he could come to steal Kaido’s devil fruit. Skyler Allen . This story arc also offers One Piece fans some much-needed backstory on Ace and Gol D. Roger, before giving away to chapter 1,000 and what looks to be the beginning of the end of the Wano arc. After watching the last few episodes and seeing Orochi’s abilities/devil fruit powers briefly shown. Episodes 895 and 896 contain an original story arc, "Carbonic Acid King" which ties into the movie One Piece: Stampede. The news of One Piece's conclusion came through a YouTube interview, which was translated for English speakers on Twitter. [OP QUIZ] Can you put these characters in the correct camp, Marine or Pirate? So , I think Zoro will use Enma against King . In Greek mythology, Hydra was a creature with numerous heads that when chopped off grew back with double the amount as before. After the end of the Wano arc, fans of the series have been questioning non-stop, will this be the end of One Piece? wano is all about a country that’s been trapped and dying for years and years, holding out desperate hope for salvation. During this fight Luffy will see the effects of Advanced Armanent Haki and the trio will damage Kaido. "The Wano Country Arc will ramp up to the climax of the series as the final arc!!" This means bringing the sabo tragedy, the alabasta tragedy, the wano conflict, the hopefully … First of all , Zoro is the strongest Straw Hat and is also the right hand of Luffy. It would be really nice to see Kinemon symbolically take back Wano country from Orochi and get his time to shine. One Piece Creator Teases Wano Arc's Surprising Ending One Piece has become one of the world’s biggest franchises, and it is all thanks to Eiichiro Oda. Ayam Pelung mempunyai bentuk … He got Enma the sword which was wielded by Kozuki Oden and with Enma , Zoro got a huge boost. From an editor's note on the latest Jump issue, so yes, this is pretty official. 97. Sanji is going to fight Queen in Wano and has received a power up in the form of raid suit, which he already tested out versus Page One. And the CP0 also has some deal with Orochi . Then we also have Marco , he might fight against Blackbeard again but their fight will be interfered by the Marines or by Shanks and Red Hair Pirates. Hello guys ! I think that the Tobbiroppo (Flying Six) will fight the Straw Hats in Wano , of course excluding the monster trio and Jinbe. Also write my own opinion on how things will go down. Especially since the One Piece community is extremely excited for this arc to begin. [OP QUIZ] How Well Do You Know One Piece? Big Mom pirates are currently not in their best shape. Many aspects of One Piece's future were discussed, but most surprising of all was Oda's statement that he intended on finishing the series withi… The cover of Volume 98 suggests that Wano Arc will likely end on Volume 102! Kinemon said that they would need atleast 5000 members for fighting against Shogun Orochi. So, them fighting would really make sense. The Wano Country Arc (ワノ国編, Wano Kuni Hen?) "One Piece will be concluding in 2-3 years from now!!" For finding out who will fight Jack , there are two theories in the fanbase. After the Time skip Zoro never showed his full strength he never went all out but not this time Zoro needs to use his Asura , which we saw in Ennies lobby arc. Just like King and Queen, Jack too has an ancient zoan type devil fruit known as Zou Zou no Mi. Then we can predict that King is insanely strong like Katakuri. [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize all these ships? This matchup would make sense considering that both of them are fish-men. According to Oda, Wano arc is a story which is heavily related to the final chapter of One Piece. This would be a perfect way to kill a Hydra-like creature. A team of seven Japanese Youtubers collectively named Fischer's toured Oda's manga studio. The Tobiroppo are said to be the six commanders of the army, and that matches a bit too well with the Straw Hats. As we saw in Whole Cake Island arc , Luffy was struggling against Katakuri who was the first commander of Big Mom pirates. So every spinoff that he thinks of will instead be a One Piece arc until he gets bored and decides to end it. It would be a great help if the Straw Hat grand fleet comes to Wano , after all they want to help Luffy. Wano Arc Ending has huge ties into the Final Arc of One Piece! With the Wano Arc, One Piece is Finally Nearing its Endgame After all these years, One Piece's conclusion is nearly in sight. Then , Luffy will fight Kaido , who is injured and Zoro will be the one who will land the final blow(Because this is Zoro’s arc) with Kozuki Oden’s Sword Enma. I’ll be discussing both with you because I’m not sure which scenario is more likely to happen in One Piece Wano arc ending. For more information please refer to the documentation. The Minks are preparing to attack on a full moon night so they can go full sulong. Looking at Dressrosa, Whole Cake Island, and Enies Lobby, there’s this thing that becomes obvious. For now, we should enjoy the exciting Wano arc! We have seen how strong sulong form is in Whole Cake island arc. But the Flying Six are too strong as you see X drake is a part of the Flying Six and Page one fought Sanji and was holding on his own. I still think that the trio will be loosing against Kaido. Reading One Piece long enough, long arcs tend to have a sort of structure in their volume covers. As we know the Mink-Samurai-Ninja-Pirate alliance is planning to take down the yonko Kaido and his crew , who reigns over Onigashima. [OP QUIZ] Which One Piece character he is? Ever since Oda has announced that One Piece will end in 5 years, fans have been wondering about how exciting and glorious the end of this Legendary Masterpiece will be. I’m back with a new post in which I’ll be discussing about all popular One Piece Wano arc theories in fanbase that would contribute to One Piece Wano arc ending. I think Blackbeard will come to Wano after the war. Everyone is thinking about how One Piece Wano arc ending will take place. One Piece to end in 5 years, current Wano arc integral to series finale Long-running manga One Piece, by Eiichiro Oda, might be nearing the end of its voyage in the near future. If You read the manga then you know that Zoro got a huge Power up. It was Oden's dream to liberate and open wano, and similarly, this is what momo wants. The Allies . This is just another prediction of One Piece Wano arc ending. After Orochi is defeated the Kozuki clan can eventually rule Wano country. During Zou arc , we saw what Jack did to the Minks and the battle is during a full moon night. This makes it really obvious that the battle will take place at Onigashima but how will they fight is still a question. No featured entries match the criteria. One Piece to end in 2-3 years, Wano is the final arc, says Oda. One Piece-Wano Arc/Kaido War Theories & Thoughts. Why the final battles will take place at Onigashima ? Queen boasts of a bounty of over 1 billion berries. ARTICLE BY HellWiiNk. So , Blackbeard could fight the CP0 or the Marines in Wano as well. One Piece Wano Arc (Episodes 890+) The Wano arc is the 31th Arc in the series and the fourth Arc in the Yonko Saga of One Piece, the arc following that of Reverie. Dibawah ini telah kami tampilkan 0 Artikel opmaniaz yang berkaitan dengan "One Piece Wano Arc Ending" Langkah beternak Ayam Pelung serta perlakuannya saat diserang epidemi penyakit. Keep that in mind before reading the entire post. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is an action-adventure video game developed by Omega Force and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.It is the fourth installment in Pirate Warriors video-game series, based on the One Piece franchise. [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize the laughter of these characters? The end of the Wano arc is marked by a tremendous war between the Straw Hats, two emperors of the sea, six members of the Worst Generation, the Minks, the Samurai, and Marco the phoenix. Originally Kid was going to target Shanks, but Kaido’s sudden appearance put a stop to his plans. During Whole Cake Island arc we saw yonko Big Mom’s power and in Wano we saw Kaido’s power. [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize all these female characters? Luffy was nowhere near Kaido’s level . Queen is one of the most powerful fighters of the Beasts Pirates. It is a sequel to the 2015 game One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3. Big Mom has lost her memories due to falling from the waterfall and her crew is stuck there. For good story writing, The final arc should have multiple conflicts meshed into 1. The Villains. Some fans were disappointed that “One Piece” episode 896 had to be a filler not related to the Wano arc. As we know the Straw Hat grand fleet which was formed in Dressrosa consists of 5640 members and 7 captains. So , I think , Kid pirates and Hearts pirates may assist them against fighting the Flying Six. After the Wano arc, people have been wondering what stands next for Once Piece and if the upcoming arc going to wrap up the story or not. And welcome back to Akkikun. So , in other words this is just a theory about One Piece Wano arc ending . I do not own One Piece or any images videos or external links , etc mentioned in this post they are just for informative and discussion purposes for fans only. So , what I think is , the Supernova Trio will fight Kaido. He has an ancient zoan type devil fruit called Ryu Ryu no Mi, Model: Brachiosaurus. This arc has featured and introduced a massive myriad of characters and with all the factions and names, it’s a bit hard to keep track of them all. May 03, … Wano arc till now has been absolutely mind blowing ! Beyond ‘One Piece’ episode 896: Luffy finds Zoro in Wano. Guest list of Weebee Con Online revealed; India’s first online anime con! It makes sense to liberate wano after learning about the void century, wano's past, and then open it at the end with a possible timeskip for momo. He is the strongest of the Beast Pirates only next to Kaido and the first commander of Beast Pirates. Jack is the weakest of the All-Stars of the Beasts Pirates but he has got insane durability and stamina. Since Wano did originate in Wanted!, I think Wano was probably an entirely not One Piece story at first, then he had to cram in the SHs because it was the only way he was telling it. [OP QUIZ] How well do you know Whitebeard Pirates? This is another way Jack could end up being defeated in the One Piece Wano arc ending. The Clash. Each saga is divided into smaller story arcs. And then Post Credits/Post Arc. So I decided to make you a handy guide that keeps track of every single relevant or named character in the arc! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. According to Oda, Wano arc is a story which is heavily related to the final chapter of One Piece. King on the other hand is also the right hand of Kaido and the strongest of All stars. It isn’t that clear to be able to theorize their importance right now. This fight will very likely take place towards One Piece Wano arc ending. The Key to unleash the full potential of Enma sword! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It’s possible that Orochi’s devil fruit takes inspiration from the Greek mythological creature , the Hydra. Pound for pound, we truly believe that the Wano Arc is going to mark the last major story line before the end of the franchise of One Piece. But In the Udon prision he learnt Advanced Armanent Haki. Watch 10 Isekai Anime With Op Mc Character . Instead of wanting to stop, it is just that the series would end because the most interesting part of Luffy’s adventure will come to an end, Oda said. The Three Great Powers will be destroyed by the end of Wano Arc Chapter 690 of One Piece was one of the most popular chapters since the time skip. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. "Wano Country Arc will be the climax of the series! One Piece Wano Arc Ending. Straw Hat Grand Fleet vs Orochi’s army theory, Everything About the Legendary Marine Monkey D. Kong, Shanks will Die and Shanks in Wano ? Im Wano-Land-Arc verschlägt es Ruffy und Co. ins Land der Samurai, das unter der Knechtschaft von Kaidou steht. ONE PIECE Editor Naito talked about Wano arc and Stampede 4 days ago. After this war, it is highly anticipated that Wano will … I will draw it with all my strength!” he added in the recent interview in SBS One Piece Vol. But it won’t be easy for Zoro to defeat King in One Piece Wano arc ending. toki is the one who gave them that hope. In sulong form they could destroy Jack’s subordinates and Jack is gonna get his ass kicked in One Piece Wano arc ending. I will be showing why Zoro will fight King. The arc continued to pick yp steam when it was announced that Kaido, one of the four emperors and one of the strongest pirates in the story, being stationed in Wano and ruling over it … So , he may be able to damage Kaido , but still Luffy alone is not enough to defeat Kaido. It deals with the alliance between the pirates, samurai, and minks to liberate Wano Country from the shogun, who has allied with the Beast Pirates led by Kaido. Dort warten neue Freunde, aber auch gefährliche Gegner auf sie. Warenkorb 0; Registrieren / Login; One Piece - 20. is the thirty-first story arc in the series and the fourth in the Four Emperors Saga of One Piece, continuing from the Levely Arc. Who is renowned as the “Strongest Creature” and is the Governor-General of the Beast pirates and also is the one of the Yonko ruling over the New world. In this theory of One Piece Wano arc ending. The main story arc, called "Wano Country", adapts material from the rest of the 90th volume onwards. It was also said to have poisonous breath and blood (And we all know how much Oda likes to poison people in the story). Speculations have risen all over the news and as the series approaches its 1000 th episode. One Piece End Of Wano Arc Informasi mengenai Bisnis dan wirausaha yang kalian coba cari di website ini adalah mengenai One Piece End Of Wano Arc.oleh karena itu kami akan membagikan Info dan spoiler yang berkaitan dengan keyword pencarian maupun keterikatan iklan yg sesuai dengan keyword yang kalian masukan. How many Chapters it took for each Straw Hat to join Luffy from their Introduction. [OP QUIZ] How Well Do You Know Roronoa Zoro? So , now I came to a conclusion that Kinemon will be the one to defeat Orochi because Kinemon is somehow capable of generating, attacking with and cutting fire with one of his swords.
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