Jennie Hansen graduated from Ricks College in Idaho, then Westminster College in Utah. Toys. Titanic Books, Movies and TV; The Gilded Age; Other Ships and Shipwrecks; Membership. 3You almost forget about the other characters because each section is so long. “My grandma gave them to me, but you can have some.” “Perhaps you can share with everyone,” Shalise said. The end stuff was good, while sort of random-the plot really didn't have anything to do with the dam breaking in the beginning and I thought that was weird. Author: Jennie Hansen. Contact Us. This means that three of you will receive one of the collections, based on the order in which names are randomly drawn. My daughter likes it very much also. This book follows a group of survivors after a dam breaks in Utah and the changes the event brings to their lives. Another one I couldn't put down. Fast-Paced Action Novel from Julie Coulter Bellon, Sworn Enemy: Tense Action, Spies and World War II, Going Undercover in Betsy Brannon Green’s Proceed with Caution, Fun 20-Something Romance by Melanie Jacobson, New Romantic Suspense Novel by Carole Thayne Warburton, Chilling Law Enforcement Thriller from Abramson, Poduska Shares Intimate Memories in Novel-like Autobiography “Hitchhikers”, Another Regency Delight from G G Vandagriff, International Intrigue in a Modern Western by Jim Haberkorn, Romance, Mystery, and Culinary Delights in Baked Alaska, Entertaining and Accurate LDS Historical Fiction, Sisters Will Identify with “Sisters in the Mix”, Fun and Fanciful Read in “Do Over” by Shannon Guymon, Murder Mystery Fun in Unpleasant Grove by Sheralyn Pratt, Annette Lyon Tackles Families of Combat in “Coming Home”, Cakes, Romance, and Life Lessons in White’s New Novel, THE UNLIKELY GIFT OF TREASURE BLUME by Lisa Rumsey Harris, ATHENA, Vol. Kathi Oram Peterson delivers a compelling, action mystery in Wanted. January 1st 2003 LDStorymakers awarded her its Lifetime Achievement Award for 2008. 99 (3,397) Oxford Handbook of General Practice (Oxford Medical Handbooks) Chantal Simon, Hazel Everitt, Francoise van Dorp, Nazia Hussain, Emma Nash, Danielle Peet Flexibound. Shop Seagull Book today! I’m Tim Beasley of Virginia Beach, VA, and coincidentally my son’s name is Robert Beasley, “RB.” I recently came to know about Raymond Burr’s art gallery he had at 456 N. Rodeo Drive Beverly Hills this past week as I was pleasantly surprised to see a photo of him with two friends you probably know, knew, at the galleries grand opening, March 31, 1960. If you enter the draw via email, please add the title to the subject line so it's easy to spot your entry. Pre-Order Now. Targets in Ties is an Action Adventure on a “Mission”, PASSAGE ON THE TITANIC by Anita Stansfield, Of GRACE and CHOCOLATE by Krista Lynne Jensen, Book Review: FIRES OF JERUSALEM by Marilyn Brown, LDS Fiction: The Shaken Earth is One of 2011’s Best, LDS Fiction: In God is our Trust, Free men and Dreamers, Vol. Moore presents one of the…, I was struck by the sharp contrasts Green portrays in…, Cold Justice by Kathi Oram Peterson starts on an eerie…, Daisy at 46 hasn't changed much from the rebellious teenager…, Once in awhile I pick up a book that touches…, Borrowman maintains high action throughout this story and the background…, Carnival Girl by Sonja Herbert is a compelling story, part…, My Lucky Stars follows the expected formula of a romance…, Romance is one of the exciting genres being explored by…, Orson Scott Card's highly imaginative series Women of Genesis is…, An ambitious work that contrasts sharply with most LDS fiction.…, The Greatest Discovery by Chris Sorensen Deep Waters by Thomas…, With the world focused today on the trouble between the…, Volume two, Power of Deliverance, is a breath-taking continuation of…, Imagine the night before your temple wedding discovering your fianc's…, Every once in a while a book comes along that…, Reading one of Chris Heimerdinger's Tennis Shoes adventures is a…, Surrounded by Strangers may not be for every reader, but…, What better way to start off the summer than with…, Guy Morgan Galli's LIFTED UP is an imaginative version of…, Bell's latest book is sophisticated love story dealing with multiple…, Two new sub-categories of LDS fiction in the Mystery-Suspense field…, Digging Up The Past weaves together several plot lines with…, Christmas shopping is on our minds and high on most…, Stories from the bible have been fictionalized before and here…, A psychological drama based on healing and childhood abuse, Whisperings…, This-is-not-your-typical-LDS-novel-but-with-its-thought-provoking-subject-matter-and-comfortable-style-Jennie-gives-it-thumbs-up-, Annette Lyon's second book for Covenant is a well-developed love…, Likable characters and action aplenty in this new fiction with…, Bill Waterson says, "God put me on earth to do…, The action taking place between the lines is perhaps more…, In both books, the children turn to prayer in seeking…, Strength to Endure is one of those rare and startling…, Hold onto your hats! This was a cute story, but it jumped around SO much. She served a term on the Kearns Town Council, two terms on the Salt Palace Advisory Board, and was a delegate to the White House Conference on Libraries and Information Services. If you add an email to your comment, remember to use AT and DOT instead of @ and . Good book. I could not put the book down. LDS suspense writers are…, General Conference always brings a flurry of book signings by…, Why are reviews of LDS-themed books always so positive? Georgiana Fenwick is both surprised and flattered when her mistress's son Sydney pursues her. The two colleges where she earned degrees, Ricks and Westminster, made ten. Daily news, articles, videos and podcasts sent straight to your inbox. “I think we’re all hungry.” “And thirsty,” Emily added. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Journey Home (Home Series Book 2). “You’re just afraid your girlfriend might find someone else before you get back.” “Bryan!” Chelsea spoke in a warning voice. View the Complete Jennie Hansen Book List FictionDB is committed to providing the best possible fiction reference information. Jennie Hansen fans have been anxiously awaiting her new release and By the River does not disappoint. ... book by jennie hansen. Josi Killpack's culinary mystery series is getting better and better! “That means we’ve got to find a spot where the rescuers can reach us.” Gage stared thoughtfully at the steep mountain towering above them. LDS Fiction: Pumpkin Roll for Some Halloween Suspense, Letters in the Jade Dragon Box by Gale Sears, The Outer Edge of Heaven by Jaclyn M. Hawkes, LDS Fiction: Reprisal, Book Five by Gordon Ryan, LDS Fiction: Identity-Two Women Have an Uncanny Resemblance, LDS Fiction: Minor Adjustments-A Love Story that Delivers, LDS Fiction: Hang ‘Em High by Tristi Pinkston, LDS Fiction: Hunted has Edge-of-the-Seat Adventure, LDS Fiction: Bloodborne Prickles with Biological Weapons, LDS Fiction: Garden Plot by Kristen McKendry, Ribbon of Darkness by Julie Coulter Bellon, LDS Fiction: The Evolution of Thomas Hall by Kieth Merrill, LDS Fiction: The Hainan Incident-Spy Thriller Set in China, LDS Fiction: Montana Summer-Remember this Author’s Name, LDS Fiction: Voice across Time by Linda Todd Bush, LDS Fiction: Captive Heart by Michele Paige Holmes, LDS Fiction: Foggy with a Chance of Murder, LDS Fiction: River Whispers is a Gripping Tale, LDS Fiction: The Perfect Fit by Michele Ashman Bell, LDS Fiction: Attack the Lusitania! book by jenny proctor. Accomplished author, Lael Litke, brings us another winner. Kallene and her best friend Linda never miss their morning run together. When ready, hit the Search button to generate results. By L.C. ... Frieda Altman as Mrs. Jennie Johnson; Production. ", The Butterfly Girls get together again for their annual weekend…, Jerry Borrowman has created an intriguing book with an LDS…, Divorced for six months, the hero of this story is…, A heroine with a paranormal gift becomes involved in the…, Two outstanding achievement awards were given to LDS authors at…, A decade ago, eight-year-old Aubree Lansing peeked from her hiding…, This book may keep you up late, but Meridian's reviewer…, A totally captivating book, Messiah weaves a story in the…, Taylor began this story because she was intrigued by an…, Taking a departure from her popular historical fiction novels, Jean…, Carla Kelly, who has 30 romance novels published nationally, is…. 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Eden, LDS Fiction: Belonging to Heaven is Big in Scope, LDS Fiction: Swords of Joseph is Action-Packed Mystery, Road to Bountiful by Donald S. Smurthwaite.
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