Lands which have a high likelihood of producing valuable resources can, as of 2018, command prices as high as $80,000 an acre per year. Water rights were transferred too, but only to the ranch, not the federally managed land surrounding it. Rich, Western Oregon is almost a whole different planet than the rest of the west but the BLM in western Oregon goes to great lengths to analyze environmental consequences on projects such as timber sales. He referenced African Americans living in Las Vegas and thinks they need to learn how to ‘pick cotten’. They look at polls and polls say that defending anyone unfairly accused of racism is interpreted by the voter as supporting racism. Some tribes have a larger, more well developed programs than do others. All I have said and continue to say is that you are accusing Bundy of hateful racism and I think you are way off the mark. I have friends that are in their 60’s and they grew up picking cotton and they are white. The agency managing the most land, however, is the lesser known U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) with 247-million acres). One million square miles: That's how much federal land is in the United States. There were many ways to privatize them such as the railroad land grants and the well known Homestead Act (now repealed). “Despite such data, there is no objective way to establish whether rangeland health and the rate of its improvement are satisfactory. But you are free to keep your mind closed shut in order to protect your preconceptions. Great ideas. No brands. Bundy is probably no more racist than his fellow public-land ranchers: that is exactly the point. I think I understand why you feel the way you do. I have treated you with far greater respect than you have me because I have never attempted to put words in your mouth to prove my point. It’s the higher ups we all want to bop in the head. The idea that they should revert to being a vacant lot has been thought of as absurd except for a small minority. When I mentioned that they looked fairly well to do as they all had cell phones and other electronic gadgets with them on the field trip, she became very upset and said that most of the kids she was supervising qualified for free breakfasts and lunches at the school they were all from. Baffling. A more transparent oil and gas leasing system on public lands would benefit taxpayers and ensure that the government is serving as an accountable and responsible steward of the public’s resources. They would know better than we do what constitutes offensive racism and what doesn’t, or what to brush off as ignorance that has no bearing or consequence to them and not waste their time on. Where have I ever suggested I disagree with the numerous court decisions against Bundy? Hmm…the Hage case suggests that the Forest Service may indeed have had an agenda against that family, though the appellate court’s decision indicates that “agenda” was founded on a history of abuse by the family. The news program has not done a good job in supporting their rather vague assertion. So you’re willing to discount the actual facts that have surfaced while waiting on evidence that supports your view. They didn’t have nothing for the kids to do. And when cowboys want to know why the public wants to kick them off their subsidized grazing space, we’ll say we got the idea from Sean Hannity.”, Now you have to read the segue in. I am wondering.”. Berry, K.H. The Bundy story is another beliefs-driven mass consumptive piece manufactured to suit the cause… Facts, context, history all go by the way side as long as the narrative (and visuals) align with our belief system.
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