Villa on Dunbar Rock: The Perfect Destination for Stressfree, Profitable Group Travel. Most recently I cancelled a live aboard trip to Indonesia due to work related issues, and was glad I purchased the live aboard rider. No depth limits or mixed gas restrictions, scuba and freediving Emergency support in your language (medical and non medical) Unique benefits for liveaboard trips if going on a liveaboard vacation Diving Facility Liability Insurance. Have questions? About See All. Dive Assure offers two different scuba diving insurance plans, which you can see … This ended up covering the boat costs, minus 20% deductible. Special rate available exclusively through SSI; Diving in your home country and abroad; … Just trying to make an informed decision. Enter your e-mail address below to reset your password. The process is not “quick” by any means and I would estimate that with both Dive Assure and credit card claims that I have pursued, I averaged about 1.5 to 2 months to get paid out. + They offer direct payment to the medical care suppliers. The Duke Dive Medicine center – a leading team of dedicated hyperbaric medicine experts will monitor your evacuation and provide supervision and consultation services to assure that you receive the suitable and most professional treatment. Diving Accident & Dive-Travel Insurance. I've not had to call on their insurance services yet but with this showing of professionalism I have absolute confidence that this is a company who will always deliver to the highest standards as normal practice and offer that level of support and … Let us know when your insurance ends, and we’ll remind you! I have filed 2 claims during this time and both were handled professionally and paid. My email . Dive professionals need professional liability insurance to cover them for claims resulting from accidents while training divers and snorkelers, supervising and guiding dive excursions, or even assisting an instructor during a training course. A special 10% discount is available for SSI instructors on all DiveAssure programs. The reimbursement was for the pro-rated amount. Dive Assure is an insurance company. Already insured? January 27, 2019. Your website is the centre of your business. Get More Info. All Rights Reserved. DiveAssure We are a group of avid and enthusiastic divers who care about the oceans and diving. Most comprehensive Diving Accident and Dive&Travel insurance plans; DiveAssure specializes exclusively in diving; Direct payment to service providers, no need to leave a credit card or personal guarantees; 24/7 emergency and non-emergency medical hotlines, with direct contact to Duke Dive Medicine Full … Diving Professionals . DiveAssure specializes in diving and travel insurance. With over 15 years of experience, and with Duke University, divers are guaranteed the best coverage 7 talking about this. Proving its significant impermeability. Dive Boat & Commercial Watercraft Owner / Operator. Dive Assure is a primary insurance company offering both scuba diving and travel insurance around the world. In the event of a claim, additional documentation may be required in support of certification, accompaniment (for non-certified) or training including copies of log books, training documents and licenses. My name. That was the most expensive part of the … PRO DIVE INTERNATIONAL Reveals “ULTRA-LOW-RATE” DEMA Show Specials. The check in has begun. Create New Account. My phone. When participating in diving You must be properly certified or accompanied by a diving professional for the type of diving and depths in which they participate. Most recently I cancelled a live aboard trip to Indonesia due to work related issues, and was glad I purchased the live aboard rider. Community See All. Log In. When I sent emails out, they answered within a day or … Cabañas on Clark’s Cay: On a Mission to Optimize Your Group Travel Profits. 2021 © DiveAssure. Buoyancy of equipment (mainly exposure suit). Establish and use the correct amount of weight for the circumstances of the dive, taking into account: Density of water (sea or fresh). Tasks of the dive. DiveAssure is offering a 10% discount to families! Homeowners who use their dive gear for professional purposes may be out of luck, advises Jeanne B. Sleeper (Laguna Beach, CA). For over 20 years we have been striving to help divers … For over 20 years … DiveAssure is pleased to announce a new liability insurance program for dive centers and diving professionals. If you are already a DiveAssure Partner we invite you to contact DiveAssure today and learn more about … Coverage: They also offer multi-trip plans as well as regular travel insurance. DiveSafe PRO - The Best Diving Accident Insurance Plan You Can Get! I'm not pro either way. You … Close; menu. All Rights Reserved. or. DiveAssure We are a group of avid and enthusiastic divers who care about the oceans and diving. Eligible for this coverage are paying members of the DiveAssure Association in good standing, while performing their work as; dive centers, diving shops and liveaboard owners and/or operators, scuba diving professionals including; diving and swimming instructors, dive masters, assistant instructors and instructors and dive … 16476 Wild Horse Creek Rd (1,557.52 mi) Chesterfield, MO 63017. reefdvr, Jan 29, 2008. reefdvr, Jan 29, 2008 #1. fdog ScubaBoard Supporter ScubaBoard Supporter. Pro Dive International confirms opening of new diving facility in Cozumel, Mexico. Click here. 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