Super sweet! A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. Start exploring and get inspired by rare and unique items from creatives all over the world. The sellers are all very friendly from my experiences and the deliveries are super quick and efficient. I’ve been an avid buyer for almost 4 years and have even sold quite a few items. Here are 10 tips to follow to bag a great purchase! Shop local. © 2021 Trustpilot A/S. There is no downside to letting people post more than four pictures. US$68.00. But there are cheaper places that do the same thing. best selling sacks for depop & Ebay. I’ve bought everything from new, unworn items to vintage gems and top of the money I’ve saved, I can feel better about shopping in a more sustainable way. Depop is great, but it lacks many features. Join the social marketplace where over 27M+ people come to … Luckily, Ireland is a small place, and shopping local means you don’t have to pay high delivery charges. but when selling its fast and easy. Sustainable but unhelpful customer services. Founded in 2011, Depop now has 10m users, most of whom are in the UK, and takes more than £300m ($400m) a year in sales, a figure that has doubled year … US$125.00. WARNING !! Love this app! Depop is one of the best apps for second hand shopping and general thrifting. The second is some additional perimeter to mark whether an item is band merchandise, as I, like many other users use Depop mostly to find band merchandise. Algorithm works well too :). Shop streetwear brands, rare vintage pieces and discover the latest trends, all from your phone. As soon as the sale went through the seller messaged me to acknowlege the transaction and then blocked me straight after. Buy and sell your clothes, sneakers, accessories and more on ultimate fashion marketplace, Depop. Depop is one of the best platforms ever. A dangerous and insecure website. Two of the items I sold were delivered over one week ago and I still haven’t received the funds. They make no effort with their internal security controls . Thanks for the review. 25kg USA Printed/Branded Sweater Round - Neck Sweatshirt Mix - SEALED SACKS. Ive done A LOT of my shopping on here for 2 years. All sellers I have bought from have been lovely and given me good quality products, the layout of Depop itself makes it very easy to find what you like. It is unfair for the customer to have to pay much more for shipping just because of a 1 pound difference. There should be additional shipping prices. Also, I became a seller on here too, and Depop makes it … Garcia, now 25, heard about Depop from friends. Valerija, Ireland - Depop review. All rights reserved. Also, I think an offer button like Mercari and Poshmark would significantly improve the buying (and selling) experience. It can be troublesome and confusing for many, which is why many sellers do not consider international shipping. 3. Heads up - uses cookies. Rather than complicated messaging and delayed responses, an offer button would be clear and to the point. I would like the ability to filter searches by sold and available items. Find out more about cookies US$55.00. Be very careful with Depop - both my kids accounts have been hacked and you won’t see a penny back from the Company. Blocking should not be an option for someone who is selling items. It adds up. Depop is great to buy gifts and sell things you don’t need anymore with great ease, even with assisted shipping! Build Your Reputation . 10/10 , Brilliant service Really recommend Earn money selling clothes you don’t use and give the clothes a new life, Depop is a great app if you want to sell some stuff or buy something slightly different, lots of vintage items and new items too, Updates (paying from the app) allowed quick communication and buying so that is great! Check out what 3,669 people have written so far, and share your own experience. NEW YORK, United States — Lily Garcia, an office manager living in Orange County, Calif., joined the clothing resale platform Depop three years ago to make some extra money selling items cluttering up her closet. Would recommend. Started new and sold 5 items already But I would like more people to buy my items as it is top quality and at it’s cheapest price. The former Towie star, 29, has joined the likes of … ‎Buy. depop review i find Depop to be a great way to sell your clothes & earn extra money. Depop discriminates against small shops or people who just wanna use it for their personal use to clean their closet. Answers all my questions so fast! Just a shame about the fees. Our 10% fee allows us to keep Depop running smoothly. August 25, 2020 / … On the very rare occasion I do get a reply it’s usually a week or two after. Sell. It's impossible to get through to a real person, there's no phone contact, and their support for sellers is terrible. Then, the people who are scammed have to wait a month or more just to get a refund through PayPal. I searched the seller on my partners account and messaged to see if there had been an error and guess what? 55 Depop reviews. 1. It would help sellers and buyers greatly if we were able to buy a prepaid international shipping label through the app rather than having to figure it out ourselves. US$30.00. Depop is a convenient and trustworthy app for selling handmade and pre-loved items. I never received my item which I knew as soon as I got blocked I wouldnt. **BEWARE OF SCAMMERS** I recently purchased an item from a seller that had over 30 positive feedback so I thought it was safe. They are headquartered at London, United Kingdom, and have 1 advertising & marketing contacts listed on Kochava. Previous purchase fell through due to doubts over its authenticity, Great but Depop take quite a big percentage when you sell something in my opinion, I have had some good experiences with Depop, cheap items and fast shipping but when something goes wrong its bad. 5. Expand Close Download Depop - Buy and sell fashion and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. I’ve stopped wanting to shop retail or fast fashion because I know I can always find something on Depop. good app for buying and sellinghowever there is a few downsides, they take 10% and then PayPal takes money as well. It’s very frustrating to deal with the filters navigation… I don’t like how it resets. Now, former Vogue digital director Anne-Marie Tomchak aims … The only thing I don’t like is having to pay through PayPal. To Depop, please listen to what your users have to say, because I and many others have been giving these suggestions for a really long time. Depop is an amazing app. I don’t mind but I had to create an account to buy the shirts and I use Venmo and ApplePay so it’s kind of a pain. Love browsing through Depop - all items I have purchased have been great - bagged some bargains !! ... Rosie Ireland. It has made shopping secondhand fun and exciting, and given a whole new meaning to consumption. The ability to view sold items would greatly help sellers understand how to price a product. ‎Buy. Dublin, Ireland PayPal only & no refunds We are open to negotiating ️No responsibility after postage, PM us with questions Heads up - uses cookies. Terrible service. I’ve been scammed quite a few times in the app or have alerted Depop to scammers who sold over 50 items before they even did anything about it. Conditions of Depop reviews Before you leave a review, you should note that if the seller believes your review was unfair or left in bad faith, they can contact you to try and work it out. I love Depop so much! My account got suspended after one day? The iPhone SE (2020) is a brilliant proposition: a $399 / £415 / AU$749 iPhone that takes the form factor and camera of the iPhone 8, and pairs it with the processor and software magic of the iPhone 11 Pro. US$70.00. US$35.00. When a seller has many items, this task becomes very tedious. Depop ranks 84 of 332 in Auctions and Marketplaces category. Whether for a good price or for a truly unique piece. Do you agree with Depop’s 4-star rating? The people here are all bought into the mission, and the management is completely open to new ideas, ways of working and thought processes. For many items, four pictures is not enough to properly show the features, flaws, and tags of an item. US$34.00. This seller is still on depop as my friend has checked for me. £400.00 £600.00. US$35.00. You take 10% of my profit atleast take 5%, I can never scroll when looking thru clothes bc if my move my finger slightly not straight when scrolling it goes back to the previous page and I have to start all the way from the top, Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. LUCY Mecklenburgh is raking it in on Depop after selling her old maternity bras and used sports gear. In order to get good feedback and reviews from customers you must be … US$60.00. However, I really think there are some things that could be improved. Check out and follow my depop: Follow me on Snapchat: YungSnowden Yooooooo, waddup playaz, I missed ya'll! | Read 3,341-3,360 Reviews out of 3,669 © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. FULL OF SCAMMERS , youl have every trick in the book thrown at you from buyers , like the item is broken , or some other bull.I had a few items not sent that needed action.Most of the stuff is still active but old so when you go to purchase they don't have the item any longer , The admins don't have a clue what there doing there only in for the Hugh cut in fees alot more than ebay etc id really think twice joining because its a scammers paradise, they buy open a case you lose your item and funds so beware , Stick to selling cheap items that your not bothered if you lose a tenner or so but I assure you your risking trouble on that app , I got banned by admins for being cross at a scammer that purchased from me , so what did the admins do ! Central St Martin's fashion student Mhari Thurston-Tyler, who sewed together two Chiltern Railway social distancing signs to make the top, has been warned the item 'violated' Depop's rules Discover. Very easy to browse, save items that you like and to pay. Very poor service for young users. Team Depop They take sides I’m disputes and refrain you from commenting bad reviews on big shops. I will not be buying from this app again and I will encourage all I speak to not use it aswell! Skip to main content Skip to footer. Rating a transaction should somehow become a requirement for both buyers and sellers. Depop make it sound so simple to get your cash back from PayPal when infact it is not. I really think Depop needs to figure out a faster and more effective way to handles scammers. The people here are all bought into the mission, and the management is completely open to new ideas, ways of working and thought … See our article about fees by going to 'Settings - Need help' and typing in ‘What about fees’. US$40.00. ", "Don’t bother". Again I’d always check reviews and look over the pictures carefully before buying, especially shoes some of the trainers people sell on there are in terrible basically unwearable condition. However, it keeps crashing? the only few negative experiences I have had were people writing revenge reviews when I buy something and its not as described and I leave a review saying that, but depop normally removes these quite quickly. Login; Looking for something? Ireland, according to Rachel Swindenbank, Depop's VP of Marketplace, was among the fastest-growing markets in 2018, and now boasts around 300,000 accounts. I find such amazing and unique things. Other than that it is a simple, straightforward & enjoyable platform to sell your wares on. It contributes towards the cost of running the app, creating new features and improving our Community’s experience. Overall though I really rate depop for how easy it is to buy a wide variety of items and … Shop things we love. Super easy and quick and requires no hassle. Also the customer services are not very good- especially when it comes to disputes. Sell by taking a photo or video with your phone. 25kg Tommy Hilfiger & Ralph Lauren Brand Mix - SEALED SACKS. - At times it feels like Depop has become a feature factory - lots of focus on dates, shipping features rather than value, trust, and moving the needle - I was deeply disappointed with the agile leadership … People like to see honest reviews for someone they are going to be doing business with. The result is a pocket-friendly handset in terms of both size and price, with fusion technology that delivers highly respectable photographs and 4K video. the packaging and thank you card really topped off the shopping experience too new favourite bikini & small business. depop have suspended our account without good reason. £500.00 £600.00. ‎Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots and learn more about Depop - Buy and sell fashion. Customer service is TERRIBLE. Thank you for reading this. Before you leave a review, you should note that if the seller believes your review was unfair or left in bad faith, they can contact you to try and work it out. Sold items should automatically move to the bottom of your page. I have been emailing the company ( funny enough there’s no phone contact). I love using the Depop app, it’s easy to use and I have lots of sales, so it must be really popular with everyone, I like the layout, it is great and there is also lots of great bargains. Join the social marketplace where over 18M+ people come to buy, sell and discover unique fashion. I love buying second hand and upcycled clothing and accessories because I don't like to support fast fashion. Great app for selling used and vintage clothes! The only way for one to grow their business is with positive reviews and most times, a buyer does not rate the seller or vice versa. The money goes out quick enough but trying get it back so far I am 30 days and waiting! The option for International shipping should be able to be set on the app. Unfortunately, I haven’t been receiving payments in a reasonable time frame. I reported the seller to depop to stop others from getting scammed and had no response. Depop is very easy to navigate however as a seller I find that the Depop fees are too large and occasionally they take more than the 10% it is supposed to be. also the customer service is very bad, respond to my emails weeks later. Try searching for an item, brand or style to find your perfect match. Conditions of Depop reviews. When I search by “new”, I should see something from five minutes ago way before I see something from a month ago, but crazily enough, that’s not how it is anymore. I have had items not show or items not as described arrived and the sellers just ignore you, its then up to paypal if you get your money back and that takes time, depop doesnt seem interested when something goes wrong but they promise buying with them is safe and you will get a refund if something goes wrong. Enter, Depop – a simple little ... A user's reviews show up on their profile. ... 2 – ALWAYS check the sellers reviews. It helps me sell all my products whilst meeting new people! The worlds of fashion and social media are too often a negative influence on mental health. I can honestly say that Depop is one of the nicest places I have worked. I don't like how big the fees that y'all take out of the seller's profits are. I also love having name brands for cheap. Depop receives up to 5.3M pageviews per day, in countries such as United States, Ireland, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Japan, Germany. We are trying to get to the bottom of what looks like a straightforward error but they are just not interested. Good website for buying 2nd hand clothes and being sustainable. Sell. I now have to search for hours to find items that I used to be able to see right away because of the extremely ineffective search algorithms. I love this app, correction, I’m obsessed with it.
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